Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wednesday Aftermath

As usual, it was fun once again at the club. I got a Viscaria and I was finally able to beat Alan (just once, but it's something).

My backhand loop could be better but it's pretty strong. I still have that problem of flicking my wrists when looping from the forehand. I'm so used to flipping opponents' serves that I still try to flick away from the table. When I play in front of my mirror, my wrist remains perfectly stationary, but when I play, everything goes out the window as does my footwork practice.

The motto seems to be 'just retrieve the ball, damnit!' 

Josh revealed to me that he's completely clueless when I attack from my backhand because he doesn't even see it coming. Now if that isn't something, I wonder what is.

So here we are, with a very spinny racket with good control, and I'm hampered by my inability to handle it's speed. I'm going to start picking the ball right off the bounce from now on.

"Speed is your friend," Alan said to me when I told him I was still trying to get used to the speed. I'll keep that in mind.


Oracle said...

I didn't know you love table tennis so much.
I play the game sometimes.

Jaycee said...

dude, awwww...I love ur table-tennis blog. How u dey naw?

Keshi said...

TT is fun...:)