Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wednesday Aftermath

Things were slow yesterday at the Y. Gary didn't show up (he's hurt), and neither did Alan, or Josh for that matter. An Asian guy and his Japanese girlfriend did turn up, but they couldn't really play well so it was down to Vito, Dennis and I on one table.

I'm beginning to hit a curvier, more spinny loop from my backhand, and both Vito and Dennis (I thought he was the wall!) couldn't handle most of them. I lob better now as well -- amazing what playing in front of a mirror, watching dozens of matches and playing only once a week can do.

I can't wait to play Alan and Josh next week.

PS: I recently had enough money to invest in a Primorac Carbon, or even a Viscaria but I decided to get a new hard disk -- and donate to some charities -- instead. What's the point doing the paying for a new racquet when you only get to use it once a week?

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