Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Aftermath

Today I didn't play any 'real' games -- just simple hitting. We got a lot more people at the club and for a while, I had to play gentleman and let others play. It was fascinating watching things from the side and I saw for the first time that if I'm ever going to play well, I need to do so with my glasses on.

My forehand loops are shaping up nicely, although I still miss about a quarter of the time when I swing. My backhand has gone down a little since I started trying so hard to put spin on the ball. I found out later that others have to deal with spin from me, and I actually do have a better topspin than I thought I had.

My rubber's holding up well. I might not need to change it in a very long while. During the week, I practiced spinning the many balls I had. My room is more cramped now since I rearranged it and I can't even do the one-two step in front of my mirror -- not to talk of the falkenberg.

Well, that's that for today. Next week I'll try to match Alan loop for loop.

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