Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Aftermath

We played tonight at the club and I managed to beat Dennis in three straight sets (I've never beaten him before). I watched Vito's game carefully and something tells me I can beat him -- if I play him when we play. I suppose Gary's been trying to tell me that for a while but I've refused to believe in myself.

Alan, our best player, trumped me badly. Every little flick, even when he blocked, and the ball was spinning uncontrollably -- I would foolish block instead of looping and the ball would fly off. The only person I've played who has greater spin is Dayo from Lewisburg. His serves are other-worldly. I used to pick them before, but I only began to pick them consistently when he had almost won the third game. At least I got in two backhand loops that caught him off balance.

The rubber on my racket is getting worn at the edges. I'll need to get new rubber some time soon, but I'll try to wear it out first.


catwalq said...

i think I am going to stick with Azuka's Blog...
table tennis not my thing
nice blog though

Ejura said...

Hmm,loops, spins & all this is going to be about t'tennis? Not exactly my sport sha.
Ehen, what does hobbyist coder mean?
And pls update Azuka's blog!

azuka said...

Ha ha. This is just my own private rant-space.

Hobbyist coder means that er, I love to code but it's only just a hobby.

Azuka's Blog has been updated.

Ejura said...

This might sound dumb but what do you code? Stuff for the CIA? Don't mind me everybody complains I ask too many questions but then I am a researcher.Can't help it.